Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Australia ALL YEAR 2016 with a Camper Van!


I am Sisko, 24, from Berlin, Germany.
I have been traveling through Australia 5 years ago.
This time, I want to buy a camper van, going wherever I feel like going (mostly in one direction ;) ), camping, enjoying the nature more than the cities.
I love watching the stars at night, camping far off where people are, waking up infront of a beach in the morning and taking a swim in it. =)
Don't plan anything. That's the best method about making the best experiences. =)
I hope, I will find someone who joins me and takes what life throws on us.

I am a photographer, so if you share this important interest with me, you're in! =)


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Work and travel means you travel as far as you have money, and then work again for being able to travel further! =)